Nickname: "Mistake"

"Why me!?" - Nova

"You don't seem like much, I can handle you!" - Zorro

"C'mere~" - Anti

"...Y0u'RE jUSt a dIRtY gLItcH, a MIStaKE, liKE mE.. LiKE thE rESt.. Y0u d0N't deSErVE t0 liVe." - Error!Zorro


UnderKarma is an AU I made up with only one character, Nova, Nova is a so called "Mistake" created in the multiverse under the Tree Of Life, Nova has spent a long time with Ink, finding new AU's and learning more about them, after about two years with Ink, Nova became an offical creator and helped out the other creators along with the Star Sanses to stop the bad guys, but one day Nova was brought down by a demon named "Zorro" after that encounter, Zorro became a spirit and was a personality of Nova, they tend to switch off alot, and as much as Zorro would like to leave, he can't, Anti was discovered by them a few months after Zorro became a personality, nobody really knows how Anti became a personality, and it's best not to know..

Nova (Appearance)Edit

Nova has the body like BirdTale Sans, but not the personality, Nova does like to crack a bird pun here and there but he's very serious most of the time, he always fights with Zorro which makes him look insane like he's talking to himself, his wings are a dark shade of blue with cyan on the tips, his tail feathers are the same as his wings, his skull was cracked from the fight with Zorro, he wears goggles that are a light cyan-green color, a black hoodie, and cyan-green claw slippers, and one of his eyes is always cyan and blue.

Zorro (Appearance)Edit

Zorro is just like Nova but with a black eye, atleast he is now, Zorro was a dragon like bird creature that could control blue fire and bend reality, but when he became a spirit he now can transform into his previous state and the current state.

Anti (Appearance) Edit

Anti again, looks the same as Zorro and Nova but with a purple and blue eye, his previous state looked like a black wolf with some cyan markings, no magic at all.

Karma (Appearance) Edit

Karma is a fusion of Nova, Zorro, and Anti, he inhabits Nova's body, Zorro's fighting skills and brutality, and Anti's sinful mood, he only has one eye which looks like a rainbow star with a black dot in the middle, it tends to flame while he's mad, this form is rare and only happens if Nova means buisness.

Nova (Powers/Weakness(s)) Edit

Nova has the power to control stars, he ussualy uses "Star Blazing" (Asriel's star attack) as his signature attack, he also has several others, he has gaster blasters which are stronger than regular ones, he doesn't use bones too often, he can use powers of other Sanses and thanks to this, he ussualy uses Error's cables most of the time, he's swift on his feet which allows him to use hand-on-hand combat, when this happens, he has gloves with claws on them that he uses. His main weakness is sin, that's why he can barley handle Anti, his other weakness is negative feelings or emotions, he never likes it when others are sad.

Zorro (Powers/Weakness(s)) Edit

Zorro loves to cause pain on others and himself, he loves getting hurt, pain doesn't hurt him, he ussualy uses bones and gaster blasters, but if he's dealing with a human, he'll jump onto them, bite their neck either inserting a poision that paralyzes or a poison that keeps the human alive, if he wants to kill them, he uses the second poision, after that he proceeds to cut open his victim and eats their organs, when he's finished he ussualy takes the human's soul then ends them off by stomping in their skull, if the human has a red soul (Determination) he destroys the save point which messes with the files and keeps the human from reseting and coming back.

Zorro's main weakness is positve feelings and emotions, he doesn't like water but that's not his weakness, it just slows him down.

Anti(Powers/Weakness(s)) Edit

Anti mostly just uses bones and gaster blasters, sometimes himself.. Zorro and Nova (Mostly Zorro), threaten people if they don't do something, they'll lock them in a room with Anti for about five hours.

Anti's main weakness is water, he doesn't like it, for a reason I have no idea about..

Karma(Powers/Weakness(s)) Edit

Karma can use all the attacks of Zorro, Nova, and Anti, making them 3x as powerful as before.

Karma has no known weaknesses.

Gallery Edit

Anti (Before Spirit Form)
Zorro (Current State)
Nova (Before Zorro And Anti)
Zorro (Before Spirit Form)
Nova (Current State)
Anti (Current State)

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